Ascent Programme
The Ascent Programme is designed to help you to return to work, by providing you with an individual experience which works with you to help you move in to work.
Different Activities
There are over 100 different activities that you can take part of in while on The Ascent Programme, these may include:-
36 different Ascent Workshops
Come Dine With Me
Life Checks
Achievement Projects
Well Being Groups
Intelligent Job Search
You will be provided with an Ascent Adviser who will work with you to design your own journey back to work, focussing on providing you with the skills, experience and attributes to find a job that suits your needs and provides long term employment. If you would like any further information, or would like to provide us with feedback about The Ascent Programme, please call The Ascent Hotline on:
0800 088 4111

We here at Prospects Services have created a short video to let you know more about us and our Work Programme.

We have called our programme the ASCENT programme and this video has been made to help you to decide whether ASCENT is for you. We have explained the support that you can gain on ASCENT and how we will help you to prepare for work.

We hope that you would like to join us on the ASCENT programme, so we can help you to achieve your full potential and prepare you for work.

If you have any further questions about the ASCENT programme, please call 0800 088 4111 from landlines and 0303 003 3111 from mobiles.